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Discover Exceptional Sustainable Travel Booking & Eco-Conscious Holiday Clothing and Essentials,
Complemented by the Innovative Seas2Oceans Reward Program!

Embarking on a New Journey:

eFlash Group’s Innovative And
Sustainable Ventures in Southeast Asia

The executive team of eFlash Group LLC is pleased to introduce our latest ventures designed to cater to the travel and hospitality industry in Southeast Asia. These platforms offer quality services and products to our global customers, travel partners, and product vendors and underscore our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

  • eFlashBooking.com
  • eFlashShopping.com
  • eFlashPortals.com
  • Seas2Oceans.org
  • The Seas2Oceans Customer Reward Program
  • Seas2OceansPortals.com
  • eFlash Spot-On Online Travel Magazine

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Ocean Waves of Eco-Innovation

eFlash Venture’s Sustainable Transformations in Travel & Shopping

In an era where digital innovation meets environmental urgency, the new eFlash Venture is a beacon of sustainable growth and forward-thinking strategies. At the core of our offerings, we harness the power of technology to create a ripple effect in travel, shopping, and digital marketing.

Our vision, "Coral Reefs – Fit for Life

Encapsulates our commitment to protecting and revitalising the oceans, the very lifeblood of our planet, generating 70% of the oxygen we breathe. Through collaborative efforts, education, and the Seas2Oceans customer reward program, we will actively promote coral farming and coral reef restoration across Southeast Asia's popular tourist destinations.

eFlashBooking.com is a dynamic online travel agency focusing on the vast potential of Southeast Asia's travel and hospitality sector. Our services span across:

  • Travel and hospitality bookings
  • Flight bookings
  • Tour Operation
  • Activities
  • Attractions
  • Event and Restaurant

Recognising the significant shift towards sustainable tourism

eFlashBooking.com will highlight eco-friendly hotels and resorts, offering travellers a clear and compelling choice that matches their values. Our primary target markets are Europe, Australia, North America, India, China and other Asian countries. 

eFlashshopping will serve as a One-Stop-Shop for holiday tourists and travellers.

Our unique product range offers holiday clothing and travel essentials manufactured from recycled plastic and ghost nets retrieved from oceans, and sustainable fashion and holiday products.

We are steadfast in our commitment to selling products that cause no harm to the seas and coral reefs, underlining our dedication to a greener future.

The Seas2Oceans Reward Program

Both eFlashBooking.com and eFlashshopping.com are integrated with our Seas2Oceans customer reward program. 

Customers will have the opportunity to earn Seas2Oceans points based on the following:

  • Their bookings and purchases across eFlashBooking.com and eFlashshopping.com
  • Active participation on social media
  • Referrals
  • Engagement on Seas2Oceans.org

Once customers accrue sufficient points, they have the option to convert these points into dollars. However, instead of a traditional redemption mechanism,  customers can donate their converted dollars to land-based coral farms, and initiatives focused on coral reef restoration. 

Through this, we hope to foster a community of travellers who enjoy the world and actively participate in its preservation.

eFlash Group

Comprehensive Customer Engagement

In our quest to provide unparalleled service and engagement, the eFlash Group website plays a crucial role, offering dedicated customer service for eFlashBooking, eFlashShopping, and our social and environmental venture, Seas2Oceans.

eCommunication, Media Hubs & eFlash Blogs

Understanding the importance of consistent communication, we've established media hubs that serve as the pulse of our brand stories.

eFlash Spot-on Online Magazine

Tailored to each eFlashBooking destination, our localized online magazine offers deep insights and key highlights, promising well-informed, distinctive travel experiences. OpenAI Chatbots are integrated to provide instant, thorough responses to all destination-related inquiries.

Seas2Oceans Portals

This platform, focusing on the seas and oceans of Southeast Asia, delivers daily updates and features enlightening posts on coral ecosystems, coral farming, and reef restoration, allowing a closer look at marine life.

The Coral Satellite-Based Atlas

Developed in partnership with leading entities, this innovative tool provides unprecedented access to crucial coral information, aiding coral conservationists, reef managers, and scientists with in-depth data and insights. OpenAI Chatbots ensure immediate, detailed assistance for coral-related queries.

Our Mission

Breathing Life into Our Oceans to Sustain Our Future

"Do You Want To Continue Breathing?"

This isn't just a rhetorical question; it's a stark reminder of our intricate relationship with our planet's seas and oceans. Remarkably, 70% of the oxygen we inhale is produced by marine ecosystems, making them crucial to our very existence.

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